Three kitchen tools in one app

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kitchen Boy App?
Kitchen Boy app is three kitchen tools in one convenient app: an intuitive culinary calculator to convert measurements and units; an easy to use recipe scaler; and an ingredient dictionary with photos and translations between English and Spanish.
This app is the perfect cooking companion at home or on-the-go.
How did the idea come about?
We love food and at the center of any recipe - whether you found it online, cookbook, cooking app, or from your grandma – there are ingredients and quantities. Often you might not recognize some ingredients, or it is in units you are not familiar with... We thought, we need an app for this!
Kitchen Boy will help you adapt measurements, find ingredients, and scale recipes up or down
Can I make suggestions of new ingredients or suggest a different name variant?
Yes! If you don’t find an ingredient just tell us. Tap on the plus sign on the Ingredient-List screen and type the ingredient. It will be considered for the next update. Also, if you know the ingredient by another name, tap on the plus-sign on the ingredient detail page and let us know!
When is Kitchen Boy going to have recipes?
We partnered with Celebrity Chef Ingrid Hoffman, and we created a bilingual platform for recipes. Look in the Apple App Store for Ingrid Hoffmann  "Powered by Kitchen Boy".  You will select how you want to see recipes: in English or Spanish; in Metric or Imperial Units!
Who do I email for technical problems?
Go to the contact page on this website to contact us
When are you going to make the app for Android?
We are working on making the iPhone & iPad experience as solid as possible. Then we will focus on Android. No plans for other platforms yet.
How will this app help me?
Life is better with good food. We imagine a world with a common food language. In the internet era, you can find almost any recipe you want online or you may have it already in one of your cookbooks. However, you may not recognize the ingredients or it’s in units you don’t know (metric or imperial); or the recipe is for an “x” number of people and you are cooking for fewer or more guests. Kitchen Boy will take the guess work out of the equation.


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